Noun: Ecologically informed infrastructure 

Working Definition: Ecostructure™ is a framework to replace current infrastructure models based on siloed approaches to develop or remediate distressed natural resource areas. This new framework uses ecological systems and environmentally informed tools to modify or rebuild soil structure, plant cover and species habitats in response to destructive effects of climate change and other forms of environmental degradation. These tools are especially important in situations where so much damage occurs that nature cannot repair itself. Ecostructures look to create large-scale sustainable in situ interventions to improve hydrologic systems and maintain and improve water supplies for human, agricultural and industrial uses. An Ecostructure framework is integrative and systemic in nature, and would supplant current hard-scaped and limited vision infrastructure development.

An Ecostructural approach can be appropriate for a wide range of ecological remediation challenges. These include: watershed management, flood control, agricultural resource management, waste water treatment and management, ocean/fishery restoration, forestry and many other large scale resource management issues.

Over the next few months, we will be continuing to discuss a wide range of issues around Ecostructures, Force Majeure and possible solutions to water-based climate challenges in North America and around the world.